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PSTEC Professional for Schools:  Better results and enormous cost savings.

Childhood emotional issues often cause the following
Truancy and poor attendance, unruly behaviour, lack of academic progress, poor attention, disruption in class, bullying, aggression towards teachers, exam stress etc.

Traditionally schools have had very few means to deal with childhood emotional problems which can cause all of the above and much more. Schools have often had to refer to highly costly third party psychological assessment and services.  Schools have told us that it can be very slow, very expensive and very ineffective and that they will often tell schools what they already know. There is now a better alternative in most instances.

PSTEC is a means to instantly and easily solve emotional problems in house. This is not just theory. PSTEC has a proven record of tremendous effectiveness in schools. (see testimonies)
PSTEC for schools comes as a licenced tool-kit which allows your school to resolve serious and non-serious emotional issues “in house”

Results are fast, with no fuss. There are zero waiting lists and the outcomes are instantly measurable.
By using PSTEC rather than referring out, schools experience massive benefits. Setting the chance to enjoy far better results, the saving to budget are hugs. And schools can enjoy the behavioural and associated academic benefits too.
“Better outcomes and hugs cost savings”

Features and Benefits.
PSTEC is already proven to work in a school environment and is tested as being highly effective.
Pilot schools have testified very clearly that PSTEC is highly effective at solving emotional problems. They have also commented on its speed, ease in use and cost. (See testimonies)
Emotional problems can now be dealt with in school.
Training is quick and easy.
PSTEC is fast and very simple to use.
Results are often instant. (Usually a few minutes with PSTEC yields measurable and observable results with lasting effects)
Results are 100% consistent in terms of effectiveness for every school.
There is absolutely no waiting list whatsoever.
Many problems can be solves as soon as they are identified. (Better for children and prevents it from getting worse or out of hand)
Children get results. Children avoid labels.
Results are instantly measurable.
There are MASSIVE cost savings and better outcomes.
( PSTEC costs less than one pupil premium but it provides a total coverage for use by an entire school for a full year)
Exam performance
There is an added bonus to having PSTEC licenced for your school. Exam stress has historically caused many children to massively underperform when tested. PSTEC gives your entire school ways too quickly, easily and effectively reduce or totally remove exam stress and fear for EVERY child taking exams. PSTEC allows your entire school to get the best results at exam time.
FREE Trial
PSTEC may sound too good to be true but ALL the above can be verified by your school because FREE trails are available.
A FREE trial will allow you and your school to witness the amazing results at first hand.


I am also available for private work with children and staff. Contact me for more information.

Kind Regards   Mike Wells   (PSTEC Master Practitioner and trainer for schools)

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