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  Yet again another fantastic PSTEC yesterday. I suffer or did suffer badly with anxiety so I knew what I had to do. This has truly changed my life I no longer ha...ve it as bad but after another session next week I know that I'll be fine I know what to do and not let the toxins take over my mind. The mind is an amazing thing but knowing more about it and knowing how to control your emotions and feelings the PSTEC is just out of this world. This is not the first time I've used PSTEC last year I had a massive fear or snakes to the stage where I couldn't even say the word without freaking out, so my wonderful father and a fantastic therapist that he is helped me get over the fear. It took two hours and then that feeling had gone. I then went to my friends house who had a snake and went and held it and wow it was such an amazing feeling I can now sit and watch movies with snakes in and even helped keep a snake warn once cause it has been in the floods and was cold my sister turned round and said em Andi your holding a snake, yes I am and what wonderful things they truly are. So all I can say is it really does work it's amazing and today i see things in a different way and it's all thanks to PSTEC xxxxx

    Just wanted to thank you for all your help and support with pstec. My youngest daughter suffered for many years with high levels of anxiety brought on by the loss of four very close loved ones in a very short space of time. All of this occurred from the age of seven, after years of seeking help from many of all the usual places to no avail, and departments limited by there budgets it felt like there was nowhere else to go. But after using pstec i watched as my daughter who is... now sixteen grow steadily in confidence to the point of where she has turned her world around, she still has the odd anxiety attack but is more capable now off handling it and will still use pstec if needed. I would like to see this offered to everyone I have used it myself on various occasions with positive results. Once again thank you Mike for shinning a light. Anne 

                                                                                                                                                                      Hello Mike,

Thank you soooo much for introducing me to this wonderful, amazing yet simple technique called PSTEC and spending precious time in guiding me through two of my big issues.
Throughout the Clicking Tracks, I seemed to let go of the first issue easier than the second.
During the first issue which was connected to the recent events at work that have caused a lot of anxiety I realised that it melted almost three quarters of the way. At the end of the session I couldn't give a monkeys about the whole saga. I am facing this saga on the 24th septemeber and will e-mail you how I felt through the upcoming anxity ridden event. The second issue concerning eating disorder was a little harder to crack as I feel that it was somewhat deeper rooted. Neverthless the feeling did fade to a much lower number on the scale and I felt much more at ease with the issue. I would strongly recomend PSTEC and the clicking tracks to all who are willing to open their minds and hearts and try this for themselves and actually take responsibility to heal and move on into a better way of existemce.
Looking forward eagerly to going through some more issues with you Mike, it feels like this could be perfect soul spring clean.

Thank you again Mike and blessings, light and love to you for sharing this with the sleepy world




 Hi Mike i just wanted to say thank you for your help. I would not be aware of the amazing technique you shared with us last night, the person who has invented it is a miracle worker.
I did go out this morning at first with hubby as i was very unsure, i did however go to a shop alone which was a good distance from hubby something i have never attempted in over 35 years alone so i was thrilled to bits with myself, i stood in the line at the till and payed for my things and felt 10ft tall ha ha i am only 4ft 11ins.
I have looked at the site and hubby has been reading also, i am going to order the CD this week.
Just wanted to let you know i did go out as i told you i would, i am extremely grateful.
Thanks a million bye for now Chris x



Hi Mike

Once again, grateful thanks for your work with me personally and your generous offer of support for the school using the PSTEC method.

I personally found the methodology both fascinating, as it bore out and substantiated scientific data generated by my studies of the neurology and physiology of learning, and also intriguing as it is unlike any therapeutic model I had encountered before. Having experienced the "click track" myself, I can confirm and vouch for the efficacy of the approach. It did, indeed, help me to disassociate sentient feelings from past experiences or perceptions, in my case a fear of snakes! This I find really fascinating as I can clearly see the potential benefits for diluting and dissolving barriers to success for students in the school. Particularly those students with e.g. exam phobia or feelings of failure due to prior negative learning experiences. I am so pleased that we are to be part of a trial of PSTEC with some of our students and, hopefully, colleagues.

Looking forward to becoming a PSTEC friendly school combining pedagogy with this intervention as we strive for success for our students in all aspects of their lives.

Kind regards




I have suffered from extreme nerves regarding needles or injections, even the sight or talking about it then sent a cold shiver down my spine.This has progressively worsened over a ten year period. This meant anytime a dentist or doctor were needed or advised I found excuses or suddenly got better!

Today I had no choice but to visit my doctor for a lingering illness and after the consultation he said the dreaded words. " Blood Test"

In my desperation my partner organised an emergency session with Mike Wells of Morecambe Hypnotherapy Centre for a PSTEC session, prior to the test-45 minutes later I felt strangely relaxed. The blood test seemd not to be important and did not make my guts lurch as normal.

Less than 2 hours later I had given blood without any of the dizziness, sickness and generally chronic stress that usually came with it (despite waiting outside the Nurses door for 10 minutes too!)

I am a logical person who likes to know facts before I believe anything, sceptic if you like, but I would recommend this treatment as strongly and highly as I could.Stop suffering and start living!

Andrew Clarke.


Hiya Mike

Hope you can put this letter into context so you may use this as an example about the PSTEC treatment.

I fancied going to Germany,but on my own. I did not have any confidence to travel alone.I decieded to meet Mike to see if he could help me. Using the PSTEC I reduced my anxiety levels from 10 down to 6. During the second session it reduced down to 3 and the last session it went to ZERO. I forgot what I was frightened about and it remains the same.

I can really recommend it as I now do not have any fear of travelling on my own.



Hiya Mike

 I have known Mike for a long time: he always had good ideas,he has helped people in so many ways,
when he came across  PSTEC it was amazing. I pretty much let some things bother me in life, couldnt forgive the cause of the pain. I used this every day and it's amazing, it started to help the very first time i used it,We shouldn't have to feel guilt or shame, life shouldnt be that way, believe me I had all of that, now i am free of feeling bad about things..Thank you mike for the amazing c/d you sent me, it's amazing,I thank you so much for giving my life back again, thank you...Becky.. USA.



Where do I start.When I came to see you I had no idea how much of a mess I was really in.So many things in my life had gone so wrong and I felt worthless inside.

I thought the click tracks were silly to start with and certainly wouldn't work for me, but I got the bigest shock ever after the first session. After three sessions my life has changed so much for the better, all the guilt and anger I had been carying from early childhood has GONE.and what's more I know it isn't going to upset me ever again.

I have reccomended a few people to come and see you.If I only had known about this amazing new approach ten years ago I certainly wouldn't have had to  go through all that pain that was in my life.Tim has designed something that will change peoples lives for ever for the better.I cannot thank you enough.

Regards Rosie.


 Dear Mike

I came to see you after a friend of mine had visited yourself.The change in her has been vast so I wanted to know if it would also help me with a certain issue that I have had for years. After one session with you my issue went and has never returned.I would recommend anyone to try it for themselves.

David D


Dear Mike,

 I came to see you today regarding my fear of flying.  Before my session I would definitely say that my fear of flying on a scale of one to 10 would have been 100.  The thought of getting on a plane would instil such fear that I would panic.  If I thought about a plane or flying I would get clammy hands and the hairs on my neck would stand on end.

Immediately after my session I felt calmer and I know it sounds completely unbelievable but when I think about flying or planes I just see it as a another mode of transport, I don’t become agitated – in fact I really couldn’t care less about it and if I were to give my fear a number rating now would be a minus.

 Many thanks




Dear Mike,

  Thanks for your click track session for my anxiety,  I've suffered for so long with minor panics every day and thought it was something I had to learn to live with.  One session later and although I still have worries they don't produce the same physical feeling in my chest, it's quite revolutionary!

 Thanks again

 Steph W


I've known Dad has been doing PSTEC for the past 12 months & have heard how effective and good it is.

 So whilst doing my Yearly (lol) visit at the weekend I asked him if he would show me how it worked ,
and work on a few issues i had.
My first issue was regarding metal stairs with holes in and heights...
On a scale of 1-10 i would of put it at a 10 and the thought of it made me shudder .
I sat down and did the click tracks with an open mind, as yes it might of worked for all these other people but what was to say it was gonna work for me.Well i was proved wrong...Half way through the session I wanted to open my eyes and say "its ok now I can finish its gone" the fear had well and truely dissapeard I would honestly say I was now at 0...
I couldnt believe it . So to prove to myself we did it again on another thing that I do let bother me quite alot. I've recently gone into my own buisness and come across lots of bitching and belittling and it really does make me feel physically sick and I worry about it alot. So i was saying a 10......
Once again I listend to the click tracks and it's gone....I found myself shaking my head and giggling in dis-belief....  It really is amazing.
I can not tell you how amazing it is, it's now got that I have small list of things i want to "Click Track"
I would HIGHLY recommend mwhypno. and the PSTEC.
I will be telling everyone I can..
Keep up the amazing work Dad.
And to all of you out there thinking , I'm only writting this as he's my Dad.Well you couldn't be more wrong. I'm writting this as I really do feel stongly that this is a fantastic treatment and I would love more and more people to experience it.
love Helen xxx

Hi Mike

  First I would like to say thank you for taking the time to help me! before the click track I wasn't sleeping to well with everything that was on my mind, I felt low and not fully focused although not depressed! after we did the click track all of it was released which left me positive and focused in a way I needed to be, I'm now looking foward to my new journey with happiness and joy in all ways, which has also left me now to be excited! anyone who hasn't tried the click track I would say go for it dont let yourself feel confused or however you feel through situations in life break free from your attachments set yourself free!


Thank you Mike


Dear Mike

I have to say I was extremely sceptical about the click tracks.I was in the mind frame that all my emotions would never go away. I can say I was wrong. Thank you so much for introducing me to the click tracks.They have put each emotional problem I have faced, back in the past where they belong. I'd gladly recommend this to everyone.




I am totally amazed as of right now how much lighter I feel within myself and how I honestly believe this experience and this practice can only improve me as a person and so assist me with my journey to be the person I've been meant to be by purging out this crap from my past.Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I will be eternally grateful.




Mike.. What can I say.I've been sat looking at my screen thinking what to type. these are my thoughts and feelings regarding the click tracks. !!!!!

WOWWWWWWWWWWW.Just try it people, please.I am so glad I did, thanks Mike.

Terry. D


I had so many issues and with your help and using the click tracks, I have been feeling so much more relaxed and have such a clearer mind.The click tracks are amazing and will help so many people.

Andy H.


Hi Mike

This is Mags daughter Debbie.Just to say thank you for the c/d.This helped me very much, I used the c/d about three times leading up to my operation and once on the morning of my operation. In the morning when I got to the hospital I was so chilled out and whilst waiting to go down I would click my hands on my lap to myself and think of the c/d, still feeling chilled out.I went through the operation with no problems.This c/d gave me a wonderful feeling of feeling spaced out and chilled, relaxed and not to worry about anything, for better words." What will be will be"

I recommend this c/d to anybody to try it, go with an open mind because it really works.I will use it once a week just to chill me out as I have three children and a hectic life and always on the go.

Once again thank you, AMAZING.

Much Love Debbie XXX


 Hi Mike
    I wanted to say thank you so much for seeing me at your home and helping to stop smoking with the PSTEC therapy. I have tried many things from patches, gum, everything, i dont smoke NOW!!!, it doesnt even come in my thoughts. Thank you so much Mike... although the 2 days you have to go without wasn't nice at all but as soon as you ClIck Tracked it, it takes it all away. Never smoked since.thank you.

  Helen I



 Hi Mike,I can't even begin to ty for the non smoking sesions I had attended while visiting your home,they were spot on,again I thank you very much.Have a great day.




I came to see you at School and you have helped me so much.I never thought for one minute it was possible and I was so scared to start with about seeing you, but let Mike take you through this. Try it, It works. He makes it Fun. I now feel so amazing.

Thank you so much Mike



 Mike, Just a quick note to thank you for the work you have done with my family. I have had for a number of years a fear of heights. This fear is noticeable when I have to ascend to a distance of more than about 12 feet. I also got this fear when others go to a similar height as I was concerned that they may fall. Having worked with you for a very short time, I found myself standing on a rock with a 15-20ft drop. I hadn't realised that I was doing this until my wife pointed out that I was very comfortable doing it.

Similarly, my daughter, (8 years old) who had an anxious nature, began to pluck her eye lashes. After only two meetings with you she has completely stopped this and now has a beautiful full set of eye lashes.
I would like to thank you so much for the work you have done and for your calm, patient and gentle nature when working with my daughter. You know she has has asked to see you again, not because she needs any treatment, but because she simply enjoyed talking to you!
Thanks very much.

 I was stressed about exams and the feeling of failure, so I went to see Mike Wells - before my Biology exam - who spoke to me about my feelings and introduced me to click tracks. I found it brilliant. Before the click track, on a scale of one to ten and ten being the worst, I felt eight, because of the stress and pressure to do well in school and get good grades was unbearable. During the click track I could sense a change that suddenly a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and instead of feeling pressure and stressed I felt relieved and happy. I went into my Biology exam with smiles across my face knowing that I had nothing really to worry about! It went well too, I was able to answer all of the questions provided and I will get my results in August and I am hoping to achieve a B or above. If I do, it will be because of the click track. Before I knew I was able to have the click track before my exam, I knew I wasn't able to get through the exam. However, now I feel a lot happier and back to my normal self now. 
Thank you Mike and Click Track.

Hi Mike,

Just dropping you an email to say a heart felt thanks for showing me the most effective way to 'clean out' my mind. You were right about the click tracks and it is literally (for me) just like sitting down and cleaning up my computer of any viruses. I have to say that you have helped me stop being a prisoner to unwanted feelings and emotions and that is truly a gift - thanks mate. I now know that this is something I can sit down with and deal with the 'stuff' that isn't wanted at anytime in my life, that in itself is empowering.

 Once again, many thanks.





Before the session I had with Mike, I always felt anxious when faced with a certain situation and it was crippling my abilities in school and admitedly I had my doubts as to whether PSTEC would work.  Any sceptiscism was completely gone about a quarter of the way through the session, when I noticed the effects of it, I was even smiling halfway through.

Afterwards, it felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and what feelings I had ever had were gone. This will help me in many situations from now on and I will whole heartedly advocate this treatment to anyone stressed or extremely anxious, as I was.


 Hi Mike

I've been using the Free click track for my social anxiety, and "agoraphobia."  I don't know whether or not I would be clinically diagnosed, but situations involving neighbours over the last few years have caused a lot of anxiety, and depression.  To the point where I was almost terrified to leave my house.  So bad to where I had to have my partner with me every time I go out.  I had to use the back door even to take out the rubbish.  Anyway, it is definitely improving with using the click track.  I've been going to the shop on my own, quite comfortably.  Got out and cleared up the garden..  I can take my dogs out.  It's really great.  The thoughts that I used to have just don't seem to be there.  

Over all I would describe it as just feeling natural, and whole.  Something I haven't felt for years.  I think it's so awesome you're offering this all for free to people.  Like I said I've passed on the URL to a few people I thought could use it.  Hopefully they get as much out of it as I am :-)



I have been meaning to write for some time since seeing you.I have been able to cope with the situation that was causing me stress with a sence of calm and stregnth I havent known for quite a while. I never would have thought that something  so simple could make such a difference with my anxiety levels. Along with the c/d you gave me I feel able to cope with both the people and situations that wound me up so much before.

Thank You... Morag



 Hi Mike just to say a great big thank you for your help with Harry and myself, the work you do is amazing. Its helped us both in an enormous way, due to the fact that we have had no help or support from our GP, with the support you have given us along with some of the staff from Heysham High we would still be in the same boat we have been in for the last 4 years we cant think of any other way to say the biggest THANK YOU for making our lives easier and helping us understand anger, anxiety and other problems with alot more sense. PSTEC is a great way of learning life can be happy if your willing to use these techniques to achieve it, Brilliant




 I can't thank you enough Mike for helping me last night to end many years of self pity, self blame, so many self what evers!... I don't feel that guilt anymore.  I slept so good last night just got up a little ago and so very happy with what ever today brings.




 In March 2012 I was signed off work with depression, panic disorder which led to Agoraphobia and also Claustrophobia. This stress had a massive impact on my life as I couldn’t go out not even to do shopping. In January of this year I was recommended to go and see Mike Wells a PSTEC Therapist.I wasn’t sure at first if it would help me as I had suffered so long. After the first session I went out with my dogs, walking for over two hours and after my second session I felt great I was back driving and shopping. I am also now looking for a job. I would totally recommend Mike Wells and the use of PSTEC and because of him I now have my life back. I cannot thank him enough.




Hi Mike,

I visited Mike and experienced the “click track system”.  I was suffering a debilitating fear of heights when skiing and this was spoiling my long awaited holidays and the highlight of my year.  I really had tried to overcome this fear and at a point where I was considering not going again. At first I was not sure it had worked but as soon as I was on the slopes I was so calm and I experienced no fear at all.  The fear had turned into “gosh that was hard but it was no problem.” I can’t recommend this system enough and will be singing its praises and using it again where I can.




Dear Mike.

Just to let you know that my anxiety and panic attacks have never returned since seeing you. I couldn't thank you enough for the help and support that you have given me. The Click Tracks are utterly amazing and I would recommend anyone to come and try this for themselves.From the first session my life has changed so much for the better. A heart felt thanks Mike.



Hi Mike,

 Thanks for seeing me.

 PSTEC has enabled me to set aside my anxiety which was seriously effecting my quality of life. I had a permenant feeling of being unable to cope, this was causing me to feel constanstly nauseous and very prone to tearful episodes which was also having a severe knock on effect to my work. I noticed a big difference after the first session. I no longer walk around with the tight feeling in my stomach that had become normal to me. The tearfulness has gone and I feel much more in control of my life. I also sleep properly for the first time in years.




For as long as I can remember I have always been an anxious, stressed person and a constant worrier, I would always be able to see and feel the worse of a situation even before it had happened. 

Over the past year the anxiety has defiantly taken over my life, it has resulted in feelings of panic, low self-esteem, dread and physical symptoms such as muscular pain in neck and shoulders along with upset stomach quiet often. 

All of this was affecting my day to day life, work and especially my relationship with my partner that I decided to go to the doctors to discuss this.  I was diagnosed with a generalised anxiety disorder and was offered a number of medications; I decided to decline the medication as I felt these would only mask my symptoms and not resolve the underlying problem.

In April 2013 I was pointed in the direction of Mike Wells through a close friend after hearing about the work he does with the PSTEC Click Tracks.  I was very apprehensive at first and worried about how it all worked, I also felt that the click tracks would not work on me as this anxiety had been a part of my life for a long time and in the past year had only got worse resulting in more symptoms.

In my first session I discussed with Mike the problems I face and the things I feel and some of my past history, he was very sympathetic and reassured me that the PSTEC Click Tracks would help.  I was asked on a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being the worst) on how the anxiety makes me feel, I decided it was about a 9. After doing the PSTEC Click Tracks Mike asked the same question again and how I felt was about a 2……..I was able to think about the things that make me anxious but not bring up the strong physical feelings that came with it before!!!

I have had two sessions with Mike and can honestly now say that I feel a million times better than I have ever before, I am looking forward to enjoying what the future holds for me knowing that if something does occur in life that causes me worry or anxiety I now have the tools (click tracks) to use at home whenever I need.

Thank you Mike for your support, your understanding, the click tracks to use at home and most of all changing my future for the better. J 



I have spent many years working in schools with children and young people who have found the education system a huge struggle due to emotional issues. After listening to Mike Wells free audio about his successful use of PSTEC in secondary schools. I was curious to find out more and Mike kindly let me come and spend a day shadowing him at his local school in Morecambe ( Heysham High School ) This school deserves a lot of respect for being the first school England to use PSTEC with its' students.

 He started the day by setting up his computer and wireless earphones and had a look at the list of students that were booked in for an appointment. The young people were coming with a mixed bag of  problems...  prolonged grief, bullying and social issues, fear of coming to school, anger and neglect issues. Mike was experienced in dealing with anything that the young people presented and had a friendly and calm way about him that enabled them to feel relaxed during the experience. Mike didn't expect the young people to talk about their problems in depth, which would just lead them to get unnecessarily distressed; instead  he quickly got them to find the feeling that was upsetting them the most and attach it to a memory of the past. He explained that they would be hearing the click and tone track, he demonstrated how to tap along. He told them they just needed to think about their feeling and memory and try to listen to what Tim was telling them to do at the same time as tapping along. He asked them to rate on a scale of 1-10 how intensly they felt about their problem... some of them said 9 at this point. Then he went straight onto asking them to put on their headphones and start the tapping!

 At the end of the audio, Mike asked the young people to rate their problem again, every single one of them had reduced their rating and usually they had halved it! He then asked them to do the click track again to get rid of any remaining feeling which they did and at the end they said that they rated their problem at 0- 2! It seemed to work like magic and all of the young people looked as though they had experienced relief from the stress of their problems.

 It seemed to be a great way to work with young people as they so often don't want to talk about their problems in depth or simply don't yet have the language to articulate how they feel. Mike's approach combined with PSTEC really worked. It was a simple but effective way to help young people overcome some powerful negative emotions that are hindering their enjoyment of life and school. Thank you Mike for letting me come and share a day with you and see the wonderful work you are doing.



 Dear Mike

I recently started working with Mike Wells and PSTEC at school.I am just writing to explain how I felt before and the duration on using the click tracks. When I had my first session I felt realy lonley and I would blame myself for everything, I felt low and didn't want to speak to anyone. I would number my feelings on a scale of 0 to 10. 10 being the worst I could ever feel.My feeling was a 9. After my first session of the click tracks my feeling reduced to a 1. The problem we dealt with was home related,in which caused problems with my parent and home life. For the duration that I have been using the click tracks with Mikes direction and how to use etc my home life has now changed and it's like the problem no longer exists. I would highly recommend Mike and PSTEC. I am now undertaking it to be used in schools all over the country as I feel it well help a person to become better about themselves like it has helped me, helping them through any problems arising in their mind, helping them to deal with the emotions behind it all. I am really happy that this service was available to me at school as I now feel I am a stronger and better person about myself.This feeling continues and it's helping me deal with the emotional side of my feelings and I hope many others will benefit from Mike and PSTEC. I believe it will help many people to have a 2nd chance to be happy and have a better school and/or work life.

Many thanks Mike

L.*. (Pupil at Heysham High School.)



 Hi Mike,
I'm so sorry for the very belated feedback on the therapy you gave me in the spring. I came for one session prior to my ski holiday to try to conquer my fears of skiing! What a difference! As I was heading up on the first chairlift I was determined that nothing had worked and I was as scared as ever! However, once my skis turned downhill I just enjoyed the experience with no fear. Not reckless but not over fearful. I had the best ski holiday ever, and when such a holiday is so expensive, then your therapy was so worth it! However,since I felt such a pro , I bought my own skis and boots, now, not so cheap!!
Helen E




I had had to drop you a line regarding my meeting with you at school. I certainly didn’t want to see you but I was asked to via school because of my anger. I don’t think you could have had anyone harder than me to work with. So sorry about that but I was so angry about a situation that had happened to me. Looking back it became very obvious chatting to you that my anger had played a big part of my life for many years. With your help and the use of the click tracks my anger has completely disappeared. Even my friends have noticed how calmer I am. Thank you so much Mike from the bottom of my heart for all your help. I wish I had known about you sooner.

Ps.  A few of my friends will be asking to see you.

A.  (Age15) Pupil at Heysham High School



 0n the 2nd of December 2011 my uncle, brother, and cousin were involved in a fatal car crash and sadly my uncle passed away. Six months later my grandma lost her battle with cancer.  I was very close with both of them and the effect of their deaths lead to depression.  Once diagnosed with depression, people who I thought was my best friends didn’t want anything to do with me anymore and this  made my depression worse and I began to suffer with agoraphobia and panic attacks.  My doctor referred me to CAP’s for counselling.  It was nice to talk to someone who wasn’t involved in these situations, speaking to ‘W’ made me feel stronger within myself but it didn’t help me with the anxieties and panic attacks.  During my exams my panic attacks got worse and both Mrs. Jenkins and Mrs. Higgins noticed this and referred me to Mike Wells, Master Practitioner of PSTEC.  On the first session we worked on the feeling I got when I spoke or thought about my uncle and grandma and after just one session I feel so much better within myself.  I could never talk about them and their deaths without getting upset and now I can talk about them and remember the good memories instead of getting upset.  I am so thankful to Mike Wells for helping me through this and I would recommend him to anyone.  I use the technique he has taught me to help me deal with other anxieties.

Thank you




 I was incredibly skeptical about using 'click therapy' because I'd tried so many things to get out of the rut I was in. My panic attacks would come between 10 and 20 times a day and it was affecting my work, (I'm a photographer). 

I'd been to so many therapy sessions with different therapists and none seemed to even make a dent in my attacks. But a friend introduced me to Mike and I had one short session with him. It lasted all of 15 minutes and I was positive it wouldn't work, but for the rest of the evening I didn't have a single panic attack. The next day, (Sunday), I decided to test myself, (still sure in my mind that I would fail). I headed to IKEA of all places. Usually, I go when there aren't many people and I can't get out of there fast enough. The crowds panic me and on that day, I even stopped for coffee!
Since the 'click therapy' I've been panic free. And although that may well seem like a huge claim, it's honestly true. I can't believe it myself and spent weeks trying to debunk it and even trying to bring on a panic attack...but nothing! 
I can't thank Mike enough for his help. Not only has it changed my life for the better, but it's pretty much saved my business!


Dear Mike

Remember me? I came to see you about a month ago. I was suffering with high anxiety and stress issues. I am not a young person (53) and I have suffered for over twenty plus years with panic attacks and other stressful situations. As a child I did suffer a lot of abuse, both mental and physical and because of that I was placed in care for a number of years.


Over the years I have been to see councillors, cognitive therapists and although they did give a little bit of ease for a while but then the attacks would return with vengeance. I was chatting to a friend of mine one evening who said why don’t you go and see Mike Wells in Morecambe. The first thing I noticed about Mike was his total understanding of what was happening to me. He put me at ease very quickly and at times he made me smile because sat front of me was a person that for once in my life seems to understand what I was experiencing and going through. He gave me an explanation of how the mind can programme things from my early developing days and how and why it has been effecting me for so long.

I have to admit it Mike that I was very dubious about the click tracks but after my first session I was completely overwhelmed as to how well it worked. After my second session I looked and looked for that dreaded anxiety but could not find any of it anymore and since our session a month ago I have NOT had another panic attack and the high stress levels that seemed to be part of my life have completely gone.

Even my doctor is seeing a massive difference in me and don’t be surprised if she gives you a call one day. I am no longer taking medication for anxiety and I did as you suggested. Get advice from my doctor before doing anything.

I thank you Mike from the bottom of my heart. I never thought that I would ever be free of all that stress but thanks to you and the click tracks my life is amazing.


I do some of my work on Skype late at night with people who live a long distance from here in the UK, Like over the pond and many other places through out the world.. and the time difference can be vast sometimes. So its late nights for yours truly.
I would like to share this with you all.. An email I received after one session from a lady in Canada. June S in Ottawa

Mike. OMG After one session my life has altered so much. I never thought this would ever be sorted out but you have shown me how to achieve it. Your priceless!!!. Boy did I make it hard for you, I was so negative throughout our conversations on Skype but you stuck with me regardless.
I am really sorry because I had totally given up on myself and as you know only to well. I'm still a bit bewildered by the click tracks, but you did tell me to give it time for my mind to re-adjust to the new me and let things settle, and you were so right. That is an understatement. I have tried and tried to bring back the old negative feelings/ memories, about myself but like you said.. It will be impossible because that old link has now been broken. I slept like a log for the first time in ages and woke up without the anxiety that I have suffered with for so long, in fact for years. I would totally recommend Mike to teach this amazing technique and I am so glad I did try it ( but I was scared and nervous to start with). Stop making excuses and let this wonderful man teach you how to sort your issues out once and for all. Thank you Mike once again.

ps..im downloading the new 2015 files and I am going to work on other areas that you suggested. I will email you with my results. But I do have a feeling that I know what the answer will be. Once again Mike thank you so much.


Today I went jet skiing. This is a hell of a big deal to me as untill a few days ago I was absolutely terrified of fish and deep open water. To the extent that I wouldn't step foot in the sea at all. However with help from my grandad Mike Wells and his fabulous PSTEC I have been able to over come my fear and I was not bothered at all about being so far out in the sea. All I can do is thank my grandad so much for helping to get rid of my fear. Now looking forward to a boat excursion and swimming with turtles tomorrow.




Dear Mike

Thank you for seeing me at such short notice, when I was such a sobbing mess. This was due to finding out such a dramatic piece of information that devastated me.

The PSTEC session you gave me was amazing; I can now talk about the traumatic information without breaking down and sobbing. I find that if I'm feeling vulnerable I just use the CD to help me emotionally. I would love the PSTEC to be on hand in the school I work in, I fell it would benefit both students an...d staff who need help.

Many Thanks.

Hi Mike
I thought I would drop you a line after seeing you last week regarding my fear of Spiders and other fears.
Firstly I was convinced that it wouldn’t work from the start as I’ve had various kinds of therapies over the years. EFT, NLP, CBT, Hypnotherapy and a few more.  Everything I have tried simply didn’t work and sometimes made it worse. A friend suggested that I visited you and I’m so grateful that I did. I cannot thank you enough. So please let others read my reply to you.

Your approach is quite unique and I found listening to you explaining where and why my fears had formed from memories of early childhood. It gave me an amazing insight into my issues with Spiders and it made total sense. But would it work?

As you remember I found it so difficult to even imagine a spider never mind get my emotions up with a mental picture without over reacting badly and shaking uncontrollably. I was ready for leaving and running as far away as I could from you because it was so emotionally powerful.

On the first session I started off on number 10 and after one session of the new 2015 Click Tracks I came down to a five. Then after the second session it was down at a Zero. I was simply overwhelmed how it had worked so fast on something that I had struggled with for many years. Imagine my relief I was now experiencing. For me to be able to walk around my home and not even think of Spiders is such a breakthrough. To sleep without thinking of them possibly in my bed was another area I was stunned about. In fact I now couldn’t care less. And driving was another area I was so scared of doing because of the possibility of spiders in my car. All those areas have now completely gone. If I was to see one I know I would not react.

Two days ago I got a glass and encouraged a large spider to crawl into it then ( using my finger) I carefully put it outside. My hubby sat there with his mouth wide open in total disbelief. He was not sure it had worked for me. Before I came to see you I would have completely freaked out with just seeing one never mind catching it and then letting it go. I wouldn’t have an issue now with spiders and I know I could pick one up now without freaking out. (Thas just incredable)

I downloaded the 2015 Click Tracks and I’ve been working on other areas of my life with such amazing results yet again. I am so glad I plucked up enough courage and came to see you.

Anyone reading this and has issues with anything then let me suggest you go and see Mike. He’s priceless.
Thank you from the bottom of my Heart Mike. I will certainly be recommending you to a lot of others.

Phebe T


Hi Mike

A few months I read all the lovely comments that loads of people had left on your website and I remember thinking it won’t work for me. So I came to see you regardless, possibly thinking it isn’t going to work?  I can honestly say that after one session my issues have gone and never returned. The click tracks are absolutely amazing. People who know me have seen the change in me so I’m telling them all to go visit you. You have a knack of putting people at ease and how you explain things is just amazing.

 Mike, have a Happy Christmas and once again thank you so much..

Ps please say hi to Jackie XXX



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