As I Walk with Spirit

    Book: As I Walk with Spirit

Author:   Mike Wells.


Mike is a Master Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist and a PSTEC Master practitioner based in the UK. For over thirty four years he has been helping people overcome all kinds of issues. Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Phobias, Self Harming, Confidence issues, Bullying, Eating disorders and many more.

It was in 1984 that he also became very involved in Spirituality and over the years he has experienced many things that helped him and others on their journey. He is an expert on Past Life Regressions and has assisted hundreds of people to experience one. He shares with you his     


actual case histories and experiences using Hypnosis,PSTEC and spiritual energy. He gives you an insight into his journey throughout the years with testimonials and suggestions included.

Now in his early sixties, he is entering into another phase of his life where he is very involved in setting up a new therapy (PSTEC) to help and assist children in schools throughout the UK; this will eventually become available for worldwide distribution.

Mike is very passionate about his work and shares with you many aspects that he has experienced.


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This book is a wonderful look at one man's journey in spirituality. Mike has a wonderful way of weaving personal experience and belief with methodology to teach others how to look within for their spirituality. If you are seeking additional insights into spirituality, this is an excellent book to read. Mike is also a Master Practitioner for PSTEC which helps people overcome addictions, emotional issues and a huge variety of other challenges we have in life. I highly recommend this book.

Unknown reader   Oct 2015                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Easy to read and totally fascinating. This book has been a genuine and lovely surprise. There is just so much fascinating diversity contained within its pages and for me as a reader there was never a dull moment. It's a book which really made me question reality itself. If you want an eye opening and honest account of a truly unusual life and to be inspired by the journey then this is the book to read. Very diverse. Utterly fascinating. And a proper page turner. Also very nicely written. Pretty much every page comes as a surprise after the ones before.
Amongst other things this amazing book tells Mike's ongoing and highly personal story of exploration. Then, rather than drawing too many definitive conclusions of his own Mike leads the reader into making their own judgements about the many unusual and sometimes downright weird occurrences which have been so carefully recounted. You'll find this book highly thought provoking. You'll certainly never forget it and you'll reach for it again in the future. I should add that my copy was bought via another vendor but it originated from Amazon. Amazon is certainly the better place to buy this book. Thanks for a really super read.


                                                                                                                                                                            This is a fascinating book by a man who has led a fascinating life. From being a stone mason in the early days right through to a life in therapy - and more recently playing a key role in major advances being made in the mental health care of teenagers.
Mike has obviously gained a lot of wisdom over the years. First of all through helping so many people, then as he got older some quite bizarre experiences led him to become much more spiritual.

I have held a distant interest in "past lives" but some of the experiences Mike describes (both through personal experience and guiding others through it) have really ramped up my fascination into both past life regression as well as spirituality and the nature of reality itself.
I cannot recommend this book highly enough. 


                                                                                                                                                                                 I enjoyed reading this book of Mike's personal journey into the spiritual world. It was easy to follow and most importantly, for me, it was written in such a way that it gave me "food for thought". I was particularly interested in the reading of Aura's taken with the special camera. Regression I find fascinating and this was covered well too. I sincerely wish Mike the very best with the good therapy work he is doing.


 Very interesting read, made me chuckle a few times. As you read through the book it takes you on Mike's personal Journey on his spiritual path, from achieving his personal goals, helping people and finally being the person he is today. If you just starting off on your spiritual path, its a must to read this book, it packed with information. Luckily for me I have actually met the author and this book and my past life experience I was shocked to find on page 60 of the book, and I can tell you honestly, I did not believe in past life regression before I met mike.


Morecambe Hypnotherapy Centre - Mike Wells PSTEC Master Practitioner